Discover the plan of action we elaborated to strategically develop Ethnology.

# 01

One week after launch, we will be posting 5 characters in our announcements channel in our discord for you guys to create lore for.

The 5 best back stories created will win one of our giveaway Ethnos. 

All winners will have their names and backstories featured on the website.

# 02

After all Ethnos sell out, we will reinvest 10 ETH into the NFT community and purchase NFTs that pertain to each series' theme.

All NFTs will be held in our vault and displayed on our website.

# 03

We believe in NFTs but also believe in keeping our common home safe.

We will be offsetting all carbon emissions from minting via after sell out.

# 04

All traits will be revealed on open sea and on our website after sell out. 

# 05

We will be beginning our work on Series 2 immediately and share updates as we go in our Discord channel.